Life Choices


Thoughts about end of life…..choices.

To make time to hold conversations before it gets too late to make thoughtful, soulful decisions.

Whether the patient wants to make more heart-felt decisions about a treatment plan that may fall outside of the conventional methods, or whether the patient is interested in simple palliative, quality, end of life care.

‘I always emphasize planning as an integral part of the overall program. The focus is on how to make a person’s last days meaningful; that can include important elements such as the atmosphere and the environment of the space.  The event is always sacred, but it must also be accessible to others who may want to participate. For instance, the doula may help the person designate a particular place that he or she will want people to sit in during the vigil; that helps set the tone that this is not an “ordinary” space or time, even if it is just an ordinary chair. With all of the stress that families are going through as someone nears the end of life, attention is not always given to what that actual dying process will be like. Having an EOL doula can help the dying person contemplate what might bring meaning at that time.  Just opening up these conversations can create a new and transformative experience for the dying person and those who love him or her.’ - Mr. Fersko-Weiss