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I was introduced to Chinese Medicine while volunteering as a massage therapist at a clinic for women with cancer in Berkley, CA.  Seeing what Traditional Chinese Medicine was doing to aid those undergoing chemotherapy and radiation was inspirational and I began doing research on integrative medicine. What I learned opened my mind to complementary forms of medicine, and the decision to study Traditional Chinese Medicine was made. 


At Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine, my training included extensive work in acupuncture, Chinese herbology, dietary nutrition, body work as well as extensive study in Western Medicine. During my final year at Santa Barbara, I spent a month studying in China alongside well-known Chinese orthopedic doctors and specialists at the Wan Zhou School of Traditional Chinese Medicine. There I learned techniques for treating various musculoskeletal problems and most importantly gained a deep appreciation of the history and present day applications of acupuncture in China where it is used with great success.


Since completing my studies in 2005, I have worked with a variety of patients with both acute and chronic pain as well as various other conditions.  I was diagnosed with cancer when I was 18, and because of this experience have been drawn to working with those going through cancer treatment while they are in active treatment and beyond.  I have dedicated a large portion of my practice, additional study and training to learning about using acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in oncology care. I strongly believe in quality of life and work to support the highest quality of life during cancer treatment and as people transition into life post treatment.  I believe the best medicine is one that integrates both Western and Chinese Medicine. Only through supporting the whole person can we expect patients to achieve and maintain maximum health.


Kym is a nationally licensed Acupuncturist and is licensed by the Oregon Board of Medical Examiners to practice acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.    She completed the Memorial Sloan Kettering program “Acupuncture for the Cancer Patient” as well as “Integrative Oncology Training for Acupuncturists” at MD Anderson Cancer Center.  In 2012 she helped start the acupuncture program at the Integrative Therapies Department at the St. Charles Cancer Center. 


Kym was born and raised in St. Louis where she grew up never hearing the word acupuncture.  As soon as she was old enough, Kym started her migration out west escaping the heat and humidity of the Midwest.  She attended the University of Denver for undergraduate studies and then landed in California where she worked in environmental mediation before returning to school.  Kym moved to Bend in the fall of 2005 where she regularly takes advantage of the mountain biking and ski trails and has been a volunteer foster parent to well over a 100 dogs for various organization throughout Central Oregon and beyond.